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It’s a challenging time to be in the healthcare marketplace. At no time in history have healthcare organizations relied more on marketing than they do today.


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One of our main goals as a leading Miami PR firm is to create a productive social media campaign, regardless of your industry.


Blog and Social Media Management


No PR campaign in Miami is complete without a focus on social media—which is why BoardroomPR puts so much emphasis here.


These days, businesses of every shape and size are online, participating in everything from blogs and Facebook to YouTube and Twitter. This kind of interactive media allows your business and your message to spread around the world. It also encourages people to engage with your company beyond a one-time sale or meeting.


This is all done at a fairly low cost, especially when you see the increases in customer loyalty, positive brand reinforcement and viral marketing that accompany it.


Facebook: A web-based social networking site with millions of visitors every day, Facebook allows both everyday users and businesses to connect in a low-key, interactive atmosphere. Businesses on Facebook can offer special deals, find fans and disseminate messages almost instantaneously.


Twitter: “Tweeting,” or the sharing of 140-character messages, is a favorite activity among politicians, celebrities and businesses. Known for fun, fast and small bursts of information, the messages here are shared via the computer, cell phones and email—all of which can be synced to other social media accounts as well.


LinkedIn: LinkedIn users can share their business and personal employment history with other professionals hoping to network in a more formal setting than Facebook or Twitter, but still with the ease and functionality of any online interaction.


Social News Sites: One of the best ways to spread a message and to spread a message quickly is to get your news feature or blog post on a site like Digg or These sites allow users to choose which news stories are important to them, and positive attention here tends to snowball beyond most expectations.


Google: This is the newest wave in a long line of social media efforts that have proven beneficial to businesses interested in online marketing. Like its counterparts, Facebook and Twitter, Google+ allows you to interact with users and instantly spread information.


YouTube: Offering a fast and easy way to share video footage, YouTube pages can be branded for your business to offer how-to videos, instructional clips and other face-to-face media tools. Our services include video production and editing for YouTube and other channels.


Blogging: Blogs, or “web logs,” are an extension of your website that opens the door for interactions with your clients. By uploading blog posts, articles and other informational tidbits, you can spread your message and encourage interaction (in the form of blog comments). This platform helps to break down the wall between you and the client base you serve. Blogs are especially effective if you incorporate an SEO (search engine optimized) component that helps drive traffic to your site.


Syndication: No type of social media is effective without regular updates and syndication that links your news and information so that these updates are consistent across the board. Social media campaigns are most effective when they are comprehensive and continually updated, especially if you want to create a loyal fan base.


The purpose of any social media campaign is to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. However, there is a heavy time commitment involved. Here at BoardroomPR, we take on that commitment for you, leaving you with just the powerful and far-reaching results that social media in Miami is known for.



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