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Community Relations


When you give back to the community, you are able to promote your business and build relationships for a low financial cost—and with benefits that linger long after the first media blitz. BoardroomPR can help you determine which community organizations align best with your business plan. From there, we build a platform of activities, events and media spotlights that make the most of your charitable efforts.


Industry Relations


Several of the industries we serve have trade organizations, trade associations and other industry-specific groups they can target for charitable works and media campaigns. If you want to target a specific industry or industries within Miami, statewide or nationally, Boardroom can help.


Marketing is a fundamental process. Who do you want to influence, where do they spend their time, and what do they read? Each industry has trade organizations, trade shows and conferences, newsletters, journals and websites. BoardroomPR is highly experienced with helping clients break through the clutter. We develop winning strategies and action plans that enable you to build positive name recognition through involvement, leadership positions, sponsorships and advertising in key trade organizations.


If you want to enhance your or your company's reputation through community or industry campaigns, we can help you focus on target markets. We can also help you dial direct with your target audiences and get on the radars of those who mean the most to you.


Give us a call so we can show you specific examples of our current and past successes—and watch as we get you exactly where you want to go!


Boardroom can also help you with your industry events and trade shows. Whether they are in Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago or San Francisco, Boardroom has worked most of the major national trade shows. We can help you with strategy, marketing materials, your booth, sales materials and special offers.


YOU CAN COUNT ON Boardroom to make a name for yourself, company or new product introduction kick off.





















Real Estate Development

With real estate development projects, "time is money." We can "kick off" your real estate marketing from start to "sold out" finish.

Law Firms

Creating comprehensive marketing solutions and enhancing a law firm's reputation in their community has been our "bread and butter" for over 25 years.

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It’s a challenging time to be in the healthcare marketplace. At no time in history have healthcare organizations relied more on marketing than they do today.


Medical and Health Care Services







A successful PR campaign in Miami is more than highlighting business achievements or placing articles and advertisements in the local newspaper. It's about finding ways to positively interact with the local community—and to make sure that people know about your commitment, not just to your business, but to the population and area you serve as well. It's also about earning a good reputation in your own industry.


Boardroom has strong relationships with key reporters, editors, producers and on-air talent that can help pave the way and generate the kind of news coverage you are looking for.


Don Silver  - COO


Community and Industry Relations

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